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Company Description:

The Green Guardian is designed and manufactured by Useful Acres, a faith-based, veteran-owned company in Indiana. It was invented during the Covid 19 supply-chain problems that caused many people to see empty shelves in their local grocery stores and wanted to grow their own organic food.

Increased food costs have made gardening more popular. Use the Green Guardian to keep from feeding your fruits, vegetables and flowers to the local wildlife.

The Green Guardian is a great solution for mosquitoes around outside areas.

Ask about the TrueScenter game lure for hunting. Make anything into a legal scent to improve your odds while hunting.

Show Specials:

All Products are $30 at the show. Indiana sales tax is applied to credit card purchases. No shipping costs.

New Products

Green Guardian organic pest control (2023). TrueScenter Game Lure (2024).

Certifications & Awards

Veteran-Owned Company, 100% Proudly Made in the USA

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