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March 15-23, 2025

Indiana State Fairgrounds West Pavilion & Expo Hall


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Your Projects Begin Here

Mark Your Calendars! The Indiana Flower + Patio Show runs March 15-23, 2025.

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67th Annual

One of the oldest and most success US flower shows with nearly 80,000 attendees and 300+ exhibitors.

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Search for home and garden experts for all your projects. Find store and contact information.

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Interactive Exhibitor List

Stand with Indianapolis – Join us in support of local businesses.

Search for experts in the Exhibitor List from your own home. Find store and contact information. Even email companies directly for more information.

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Black and white boston terrier puppy sniffing houseplant on white carpeted floor

10 Pet Safe Plants for the Plant Lover’s Home

There's no denying the mental and physical benefits of having pets and having houseplants. Make sure everyone can co-exist happily and peacefully by reading about pet-safe plants in our newest blog.

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small terrarium with colourful plants

Build Your Own Terrarium with Abby’s Garden Parties

Unleash your inner artist with Abby's Garden Parties - a fun way to express your creativity. Abby Perry, the visionary behind this venture, believes in connecting people with nature through hands-on experiences.. Check out this blog to find out more!

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Garden hoe and garden pick sticking up in soil in garden

Gardening Tips to Garden Don’ts - 10 Garden No No’s to Avoid this Spring

There are a lot of great beginner gardening tips out there, and advice may vary by region, but it might be easier to keep track of some garden don'ts, especially when you are getting started. Learn what you should do, and what's a garden no no so you can be on your way to having your own healthy garden in no time.

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