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Clemens Home Solutions
2222 S. Madison Street
Muncie IN
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Company Description:

Does it matter how your contractor feels about the job?
A strange question, I know. But I think it’s an important one. Because at Clemens Home Solutions, we understand that home improvement companies are
notorious for poor communication, not staying on schedule, performing sub-quality work, and not cleaning up after themselves.

To make matters worse, 40% of complaints never get resolved – forcing customers to pay another company to fix their problem.

When someone calls us for their home exterior remodeling needs, we absolutely
guarantee that:

1. We will communicate
2. We will complete the work in a timely manner
3. We will provide superior workmanship
4. We will leave their property cleaner than we found it.
5. We will resolve all complaints completely and quickly

When a customer trusts their project to us whether that is for gutters, windows, doors, roofing or siding they know they are guaranteed great results, giving them peace of mind that the best decision possible was made for their family.

You see, many contractors “fall into” remodeling. For some, it’s a family business. For others, it’s simply a way to make money.

For me, exterior remodeling is something totally different. I nailed my first roof shingle when I was 12… and I’ve had a burning passion for home improvement ever since.

It’s not just the actual work I love—it’s the sheer joy I get from helping people. My father was a pastor. He instilled in me strong Christian values and compassion for others. As the Bible says, “No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.”

I started Clemens Home Solutions in Muncie, Indiana out of my parents’ parsonage shed in 1998. Today, the company is over 50 employees strong—each with that same burning passion to help people that I’ve had since I nailed my first shingle.

So… does it matter how your exterior remodeler feels about the job?

If you want the remarkable results and a fantastic experience, it absolutely does.

Shawn Clemens, Owner

Certifications & Awards

2023 Winner of Muncie's Quest for the Best: Gutters, Windows, Roofing & Places to Work