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Good Health Saunas
2140 W Wisconsin Ave
Appleton WI
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Company Description:

Good Health Saunas is the industry leader in sauna models, experience, and information, and we encourage you to experience the difference. For over a decade, Good Health Saunas has been supplying retailers and consumers with infrared saunas that are tested by various third party organizations to ensure quality and safety. Our affordable prices and our delivery-ready inventory makes us the undisputed leader for a factory direct sauna purchase. To ensure our customers are satisfied with their services from Good Health Saunas, we hand-deliver each infrared sauna and install it for you, if you choose. We want to validate that your infrared sauna investment is installed effectively and efficiently. Which is why we to provide over-the-top assistance to make your experience quick and enjoyable.

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$500-$800 Off

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Good Health Saunas’ 2 Person Infrared Sauna provides plenty of space and a relaxing environment for two people. GSE-2 <br />
Good Health Saunas’ 1 Person Infrared Sauna will transport you to your own serene and relaxing personal retreat. The comfortable and safe design allows you to customize the experience to fit your overall wellness wants and needs. GSE-1<br />
Good Health Saunas’ 3 Person Infrared Sauna offers ample space for a single person, a comfortable design for two people, or the ideal dimensions for three individuals. Our saunas are designed to be the safest and easiest to assemble. GSE-3<br /><br /><br
Good Health Saunas’ 3 Person Infrared Corner Sauna provides ample space and a comfortable design for up to three adults, and the corner layout can easily fit in virtually any location. Our saunas are engineered to be the safest anywhere. GSE-3C<br />
Good Health Saunas’ 4 Person Infrared Sauna is our largest sauna, and offers a comfortable design and ample space for up to four adults. The bountiful options in this infrared sauna can be completely customized to fit the overall wellness wants and needs


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